System 64 – Live Fire Training

System 64

Live Fire Training System

The Dräger System 64 is designed to fit inside a truck bed or small trailer and can be set up in under 30 minutes. This flexible and portable exterior live fire trainer lets you conduct training scenarios virtually anywhere. With a 6 x 4 foot liquid propane fueled burn pan, 2-stage fires, and a variety of interchangeable props, the System 64 can address many fire training scenarios in a mobile configuration.

Working closely with fire department trainers, Dräger Safety developed the System 64  to help fire departments train on exterior live fires according to NFPA 1001 standards. With this affordable training tool, you can produce repeatable and controllable fires to help your firefighters build the confidence and skills they need to fight fires safely and effectively.

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  • Meets NFPA 1001 training requirements
  • Portable, easy to use and flexible
  • Designed to fit inside a pickup truck or small trailer
  • Safe and controllable
  • Interchangeable fire training props
  • Fully functional car prop

  • Burn Area: 6-foot by 4-foot burn pan (24-square foot burn area)
  • Burners: Liquid propane burners with water bath technology
  • Control Panel: Controls the pilot, burner, and auxiliary fire
  • Fail Safes: An emergency-stop button and a dead-man foot pedal
  • Interchangeable props: Including a car, a propane tank, pallet, BBQ, electric motor and dumpster