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Electrogas Monitors can provide rental gas monitors for all of your gas detection or breathing air requirements. From personal hand held single gas monitors that measure H2S, O2, SO2 or LEL to multi gas detectors that come with a variety of user options. We also carry docking stations that can be setup for most monitors we rent, allowing for in-field calibrations and bump tests.

Our diverse selection of wireless and stand alone equipment can be set up to measure: toxic gases, combustibles or oxygen hazards, as well as wind speed and direction

Personal Gas Detection Rentals

In the industries our customers work in (Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, etc.), we at understand the variety of jobs that exist. With that in mind, our personal gas detection rental fleet includes the: GasAlert Quattro, GasAlert MicroClip X3, MSA Altair 4X, Dräger XAM 2500 and 5000. We currently have over 350 personal 4-gas monitors and a number of docking stations which allow for in-field calibrations and bump tests to ensure safety compliance.

We offer competitive rates and unmatched service on all our equipment. Each unit is freshly calibrated and fully serviced prior to every rental. In addition, all units are equipped with: calibration cradles/caps, car chargers, alkaline battery packs, and AC chargers – all conveniently packaged in a UK case.

Specialty Gas Detection Rentals

In addition, our fleet contains a number of continuous active and exotic gas detectors from well-known industry manufacturers, such as BW Technologies by Honeywell, Dräger Safety and RAE Systems by Honeywell.  This list includes:

  • UltraRAEs (Benzene)
  • GasAlert MaxXT
  • VRAEs
  • GasAlert Micro5 PID (VOCs)
  • QRAEs 
  • MSA Altair 5X
  • MultiRAE Lite
  • RKI Gas Tracer
  • RAE Systems ConneXt Pack
  • RKI 2012

Area Gas Monitoring Rentals

Our area gas detection fleet is one of the most complete in the industry, offering solution to all area monitors needs. Our fleets includes:

The industry’s only winterized area wireless detection and monitoring system. The compact, easy-to-install package critically monitors up to four points and can transmit data as far as 3 miles. It is ideally suited for detecting and monitoring gases to include H2S, CO, SO2, NH3, and certain combustibles.

  • Up to four wireless or tethered inputs from monitors or bridge sensors
  • Utilize line power for long term winterization and shorter-term shutdowns applications
  • Available Configuration Stand Alone System: Lone WOLF or Multiple 4-Wireless Channel System: WOLF Pack


X-Zone 5000

Transforming the X-AM 5000 into innovative area monitoring device and used for the measurement of up to six gases and extends the portable gas detection technology to a comprehensive system with many applications.

Mesh Guard

A wireless gas-monitoring network quickly with this complete, turnkey solution. Including a controller and your choice of a combination of toxic and combustible gas monitors, this kit provides a complete self-forming, self-healing gas detection network system

AreaRAE Plus

AreaRAE Plus is a wireless, transportable area monitor that can simultaneously detect toxic and combustible gases, volatile organic chemicals, and meteorological factors that affect the speed and direction of the gas.

Rig Rat III & Stand-Alone

These robust systems can be set up to measure: toxic gases, combustibles or oxygen hazards, as well as wind speed and direction.

SCBA / SABA Rentals

We have expanded out rental fleet with the inclusion of both SCBA and SABA products. Using the Dräger lines of SCBAs allows Electrogas Monitors to supply a number of different breathing air options – for every kind of situation.

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