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Fall Protection Equipment for Western Canada

Fall protection equipment is essential when working from heights. Electrogas provides durable fall protection equipment in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and throughout Western Canada. Browse our expansive range of fall protection equipment to ensure workplace safety for you and your employees. Our products are strong, durable, and compliant with strict quality guidelines to prevent accidents. We also offer options for a variety of affordable fall protection rentals.

When is Fall Protection Equipment Needed?

Fall protection equipment is required in a number of situations by occupational health and safety laws. In general, equipment is needed when:

  • Working in an area where other fall protection measures such as guardrails are not available or possible
  • Working at a height of 3 metres or more
  • Working at a height below 3 metres when there are fall hazards on the surface below
  • Working in an area where the individual may fall through an opening
  • Any situation where fall protection gear is determined to be necessary


Types of Fall Protection Equipment We Offer

Electrogas offers a wide range of fall protection equipment in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer to suit your needs. The proper safety equipment is essential for situations when working at heights. Our products include:

  • Safety harness: Our V-FLEX line of safety harness provides both comfort and mobility to work. You will find shoulder pads and contoured breathing on the harness that will keep you comfortable all day long.
  • Suspension harness: Abrasion resistant, comforting, and durable—get all this in our line of suspension harnesses.
  • Personal rescue device: Ensure your safety with our personal rescue device, which is a fully integrated body harness system designed to execute a controlled descent in case of a fall.
  • Self-retracting lanyards/self-retracting lifeline: Vertical fall protection equipment that allows you to move around freely while maintaining tautness to effectively prevent falls. Its quick braking mechanism stops falls.
  • Absorbing lanyard: A one-fit-for-all lanyard that can be attached to most contraptions. These are unobtrusive and shock-absorbent.
  • Fall limiter: Get a fall limiter with a super-fast brake mechanism to stop you from a steep descent.
  • Leading-edge personal fall limiter: For your safety around leading-edge hazards, choose a personal fall limiter.

Contact us today for more information about our fall protection equipment available in Sherwood Park (serving Edmonton), Calgary, Red Deer and throughout Western Canada

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