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Fall Protection Equipment Rentals in Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton

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Do you work in an industry where you or your co-workers have to be at a level higher than the ground? Such work conditions pose the occupational hazard of falling and hurting oneself. These hazards can be prevented with the use of special safety equipment. Electrogas Monitors Ltd offers strong and durable fall protection rentals in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and across Western Canada.

Rentals come in handy as sometimes you may need our equipment for a limited time period, and investing in a fresh purchase may not be the best idea. We have become an industry leader in fall protection rental services in Calgary due to our integrity, commitment to the customers, and experience of over 2 decades. Our rental equipment is affordable and compliant with strict quality guidelines to maintain workplace safety and prevent accidents.

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When would you need Fall Protection Equipment?

Fall protection equipment is necessary for several industries as it mitigates the possibility of severe occupational hazards. It has been deemed mandatory under several occupational health and safety laws and is needed when:

  • Working at a height of or above 3 metres
  • Working at a height below 3 metres, but there are fall hazards on the surface below
  • Working at a site devoid of other fall protection measures such as guardrails
  • Working in an area where one may fall through an opening
  • Any other situation where fall protection gear is necessary

We offer competitive rates and unmatched service for fall protection rentals in Calgary. Do give us a chance to cater to your rental equipment needs.

Top-Notch Fall Protection Rentals in Calgary

Electrogas Monitors Ltd provides a wide range of fall protection rental equipment in Calgary. Regardless of the height of the project or how confined the space is, you can place your trust in our top-grade protection gear. Before renting, our qualified technicians test and certify all equipment to ensure compliance with your safety specifications. From sealed, web, and cable SRLs, leading edge SRLs, and tripod kits to winches, rescuers, and XTIRPA manhole systems, our rental fleet includes multiple safety items. Have a look at our comprehensive list of rental equipment:

Workman Rescuer - MSA Safety

Personal Rescue Devices

It is a cable system which allows you to control your complete descent in case of a fall.

V-SHOCK® Edge Self Retracting Lanyard - MSA Safety - Electrogas

Self-Retracting Devices

These vertical fall protectors allow you to move around freely while remaining secure. Their quick brakes feature prevents falls from heights.

Confined Space Entry Kit - MSA Safety

Confined Space Entry Kits

Tripod confined space entry kits provide simple ordering with all the necessary components for a complete safety system. Kits are ideal for applications in tanks, manholes and other vertical work practices.

XTIRPA Confined Space Entry System - MSA Safety

XTIRPA™ Systems

MSA XTIRPA™ confined space entry systems allow for vertical or horizontal entry into many common confined space applications such tanks, vessels, transformers, sewers & manholes.