Honeywell Safety Suite

Software solution for fleet management & worker monitoring

Helping safety managers ensure work safety

Honeywell Safety Suite is an integrated system of safety applications that assist managers to safeguard their workforce and comply with government regulations and safety policies. In any industry with at-risk workers, safety must be the top priority. Whether they’re working in a gas leak hazard area or a confined space, the safety of your workforce requires reliable, real-time emergency monitoring and fast emergency response. Honeywell Safety Suite is designed to address all these challenges!

A Comprehensive Solution

The solution provides comprehensive worker-safety monitoring and gas detection device management. As a result, you have unified visibility data and device management capabilities to help your workers’ safety in the most challenging conditions.

Improved Safety

With real-time detectors, you can remotely monitor the safety of workers and asset health with real-time location, geofence alerts and detailed exposure detection. The incident playback capabilities help you analyze causes and improve your safety procedures continuously.

Increased Productivity

Access to consolidated data and reports minimizes the time you spend on fleet management and safety monitoring. You can easily automate maintenance tasks (firmware updates, data downloads and email reporting) to help manage day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

Simplified Compliance

Simplify compliance management through alerts from detectors that are out of compliance. You can also ensure consistency and compliance by reviewing summaries of upcoming calibrations and bump tests.

Honeywell Safety Suite - Software - Electrogas
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Honeywell Safety Suite – What it can do!

Honeywell Safety Suite - Software - Device Management - Electrogas
  • Productivity Gains
  • Improved Compliance
  • Easier Device Management

Device Management

Combining powerful reporting capabilities and streamlined device management to help you optimally monitor your workers’ safety and their gas detectors. This robust software solution can help you drive compliance cost savings by reducing paperwork, preventing shutdowns and fines, and accelerating task completion.

Remote Device and Data management with Device Configurator

The Device Configurator app is a powerful tool for managing your BLE-enabled gas detectors. The app allows you to configure, update firmware, and run calibrations and bump tests for the paired devices. In addition, you can view instrument readings, access device data, generate reports and email them where required.

Honeywell Safety Suite - Software - Real-Time Monitoring - Electrogas
  • Situational Awareness
  • Rapid Emergency Response
  • sMinimized Risk

Real-Time Monitoring

Better visibility through the integrated software solution that monitors workers’ exposure to gas and their location in real-time. Honeywell Safety Suite enables visibility for worker safety in emergency response, plants, and remote locations. Through a single on-screen view, the command center instantly collects and displays device status, alarms, and sensor readings, empowering safety managers to make informed time-critical decisions.

Remote Monitoring with Safety Communicator

The Safety Communicator app, designed for both industrial-grade and non-industrial-grade smartphones, command centres with Honeywell Safety Suite can receive data from the worker’s instrument via Bluetooth®.  They can view and receive alerts and view workers’ location to provide help fast.

Honeywell Safety Suite Supported Devices

BW Products

  • ZIntelliDoX
  • ZMicroDock II
  • ZBW Clip & BW Clip Real Time
  • ZBW Clip4
  • ZBW Flex
  • ZBW Icon & Icon+
  • ZBW Max XT II
  • ZBW MicroClip XL & BW MicroClip X3
  • ZBW Quattro
  • ZBW RigRat
  • ZBW Solo
  • ZGasAlert Micro5

RAE Products

  • ZAutoRAE 2 Controller
  • ZAutoRAE Cradle for Handheld PID Monitor
  • ZAutoRAE 2 Cradle for MicroRAE
  • ZAutoRAE 2 Cradle for MultiRAE
  • ZAutoRAE 2 Cradle for QRAE 3
  • ZAutoRAE 2 Cradle for ToxiRAE Pro
  • ZMeshGuard Family
  • ZMicroRAE
  • ZMiniRAE 3000 + & MiniRAE Lite +
  • ZMultiRAE, MultiRAE Lite, MultiRAE Pro
  • ZppbRAE 3000 +
  • ZQRAE 3
  • ZToxiRAE Pro, ToxiRAE Pro (CO2, LEL, PID)
  • ZUltraRAE 3000 +

Honeywell Safety Suite Training Videos

Check out the training videos for helpful instructions and tutorials on the use and functionality of the Honeywell Safety Suite. For any more information, please contact your Electrogas representative – we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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