Transform your safety program
with MSA Grid Services

Key Elements of an Effective Safety Program

It has been proven that every company or organization requires three key things to create a winning worker health and safety initiative. The services provided by MSA’s Safety io Grid services support all three of these initiatives.

Subject Matter Expertise

MSA Safety is a market leader in gas detection with over 100 years of technical expertise in worker and worksite safety. Their gas detection equipment is renowned for its durability with its IP67+ ingress protection. They are dust and waterproof and carry a 3 or 4-year non-prorated warranty – making them perfect for working in extreme environmental conditions.

The MSA XCell® sensors lead the market in gas hazard response and alert workers to threats twice as fast as the industry average. They also bring saving on costly test gas with fast bumps and calibrations.

Technology That Works

World-class MSA detection equipment combined with our Grid services puts your detection data to work for you. MSA Grid services help you make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. In addition, this software maximizes detector uptime (reduce downtime), document alarm activity and drive worker accountability.

Human-centred Approach

The Electrogas and MSA Grid team will work closely with you and your peers so your Grid experience provides services you can consolidate and streamline all your gas detection-related activities in one place—establishing a single source of truth for all your detection records.

MSA Safety io Grid - Software - Electrogas
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MSA Safety io Grid – What it can do!

MSA Safety io Grid - Software - Electrogas

Grid Fleet Manager

Gas detection is an important part of your safety program and requires a lot of attention, administrative activities, and reporting. This can distract you from accomplishing larger safety objectives. Safety io Grid Fleet Manager is a user-friendly web-based interface that can help minimize those interruptions by assisting in proactively managing your fleet of gas detection equipment. Consolidate and streamline all your gas detection-related activities in one place – establishing a single source for all your detection records.


Information Access

Access your fleet information easily – at any time and from anywhere. Receive daily emails about your fleet’s status and download and share reports as you need them.

Fleet Compliance

Ensure your gas detectors are functioning properly (bump tested, calibrated) – reducing downtime and decommissioning equipment that requires maintenance.


Risk Assessment

Understand the root cause of incidents and initiate preventive measures by seeing data from your devices and identifying hazards your workers are exposed to.

Worker Compliance

Drive user accountability by assigning equipment to a specific user, ensuring proper use and operation and identifying training opportunities based on usage.

MSA Safety io Grid - Software - Electrogas

Grid Live Monitoring

You need to ensure that your workers and work sites are safe and compliant with government regulations and corporate safety policies. The Grid Live Monitor is a web-based, real-time alert management system for remote safety managers and control room operators. When every second counts, take informed action with the Grid Live Monitor.

Device Alert Awareness and Control

  • Real-time awareness of gas exposures and instrument readings
  • Online notifications of device concerns, man-down alarms
    and panic button presses
  • Live monitoring of employee location and movement with street and satellite view

Comprehensive Field Device Manager

  • Alarm notifications
  • Compliance, battery and sensor life alerts
  • Individual or group evacuation
  • Current detector readings
  • Employee contact details
MSA Safety io Grid - Software - Electrogas

Grid Asset Manager

Grid Asset Manager allows you to easily track and inspect fall protection equipment in real-time from anywhere. The mobile app helps you conveniently manage fall protection equipment compliance and accountability.

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Scan and capture key product information
  • Add as many assets and people as you need
  • Adjust settings to meet your safety program needs


Fast, Efficient Asset Tracking

  • Add product information with a quick RFID scan
  • Assign assets to people and place
  • Review assignment history

Improve inspection Compliance

  • Schedule inspections and receive timely reminders
  • Add photos and notes to any inspection record

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