Gas Detection Connect

Full control, Any Time, Anywhere

Efficient Management of your Gas Detection Equipment

Dräger Gas Detection Connect is your connection to the future of occupational safety. Dräger’s GDC is a software solution that allows you to manage your Dräger gas detection equipment – from anywhere and at any time. It manages your equipment and workers remotely and provides real-time information on their status and position, so you can protect your workforce and increase the efficiency of your plant at the same time.

Full Control – Anywhere, at Any Time

The web application allows you to monitor the position and movement of people based on GPS data from their smartphones. Live data from the Dräger Pac and X-AM 2800 devices can be checked in real-time, including measured values and device status. In case of an alarm, you will be informed immediately – allowing you to act efficiently and effectively. Best of all, you are only billed for hours in which data is sent live to the cloud-based backend – lowering the cost of ownership.

You can also quickly view information about your devices. The data, certificates and test results of your gas detector are stored in the cloud backend via the Dräger X-dock stations. The management and storage of device data, test information, measurement data and other information are handled by the Azure Cloud backend, which receives data from connected test stations. As an added bonus, the other direction is also possible: Firmware updates can be distributed to test stations through the backend.

Get the Most From Your Data

The user-friendly design allows you to view and use your data efficiently. You can quickly see what’s going on in the field, whether it’s a real-time event or a past event that has been transmitted and documented to the cloud backend through the smartphone app or Dräger X-Dock stations. You can easily utilize the software’s filters and search functions to narrow down the information and quickly event and device data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Flexible Functionality

The flexible role and rights management system lets you adjust the system to your needs. You can decide whether users can see other people on the map, whether they can see plain text names or only user IDs, and whether they have access to the X-dock station. The specified rights allow you to create specific roles and assign users individually.

Gas Detection Connect - Software - Dräger - Electrogas
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Gas Detection Connect - Software - Dräger - Electrogas

Gas Detection Connect – What it can do!

Gas Detection Connect - Asset Management - Dräger - Electrogas

Asset Management

Increase efficiency – In the Dräger Gas Detection Connect web application, you can easily and quickly retrieve information from your connected X-dock stations. Events, certificates, test results and calibration information can be viewed and exported directly.

Live Monitoring

Increase the safety of your facility – the web application allows you to view the position, movement and status, e. g. in the event of an alarm, of persons and gas detection devices, regardless of time and location.

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