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Ultimate command over your connected safety fleet

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Don’t MANAGE your fleet, MASTER it .

Cloud-Hosted Safety Monitoring, Configuration and Data Analytics Software from Blackline Safety.

Blackline Live is a software-based solution that gives you real-time insight into the well-being of your connected safety fleet. This powerful, efficient tool monitors and manages your integrated systems without slowing down your business’s productivity. Once you log in to your account, you can easily and systematically monitor, manage and configure your connected safety solutions — all from one user-friendly dashboard.

Key Features

  • View your entire fleet on a single screen, along with real-time alert status and location per user
  • Quickly locate a worker or an area of a site in distress on a live map
  • Conduct efficient, safe evacuations and reduce the time of evacuation drills by systematically alerting individuals or entire areas of a site, monitoring their progress as they migrate to muster points and easily identifying their safe arrival — with no manual record-keeping required
  • Eliminate the need for manual data collection and reporting
  • Customize device configurations and roll them out to your devices in real-time, over-the-air
  • Tailor user access according to their role in your organization with access control tools
  • Scale your account capabilities with enterprise-grade tools and functionality
  • Ensure your safety systems are operating as you need them to with over-the-air firmware and configuration updates
  • Take comfort knowing Blackline Live is supported by industry-leading partners like Amazon Web Services, Google Maps and Microsoft PowerBI
  • Leveraged by Blackline’s in-house Safety Operations Center for safety monitoring and emergency response management
  • Access included with all Blackline Safety device purchases
  • SOC 2, Type 1 compliant
  • GDPR compliant

Blackline Live is used by safety monitoring agencies around the world. Monitoring personnel use Blackline Live to gather critical insights and manage emergency alerts in real time.

Everything you need to manage a world-class safety program.

Get real-time insights into the type, status and location of every alert for each individual device in your organization. Armed with these critical insights, you can address challenges and get proactive with the safety and productivity of your teams.

Powerful infrastructure

Eliminate the need for manual data collection by providing real-time, in-depth reports of all data gathered from your fleet. These easy-to-use charts, graphs and maps allow you to view a comprehensive overview of all field data with ease.

Blackline Live doesn’t require IT-approved downloads or the installation of costly infrastructure to access due to its cloud-hosted web portal. The valuable information from all of your devices is immediately available at your fingertips with a simple login to your user dashboard. When it comes time for annual safety audits, have no fear Blackline Live maintains a complete history of all alerts and events.

Customized Emergency Response Protocols

Ensure emergency responses are executed exactly as directed by your custom protocol. The protocol instructs monitoring personnel how to manage responses, including who to call and when and how to escalate them up to and including EMS, fire or police services.

You can even configure your system to send notifications to specified team members in the event of an alert message, increasing efficient emergency responses and evacuations and keeping your teams safe.

Security and Authorization

Utilize optional single sign-on (SSO) capabilities through Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 to streamline your portal experience.

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Blackline Live Features

Alert Management Tools

Alert Management Tools

Custom maps & floor plans

Custom Maps & Floor Plans

Custom alert profiles

Custom Alert Profiles

Wireless device Configuration

Wireless Device Configuration

Single Sign-On Functionality

Single Sign-On Functionality

User roles & access controls

User roles & access controls

Compliance Dashboard

Compliance Dashboard

Analytics Reports

Analytics Reports

Blackline Live Portal Training Videos

All of Blackline’s safety monitoring devices are supported by the Blackline Live portal web application and the availability of the in-house 24/7 Safety Operations Centre. The configurability of the devices enables every location, employee role and application to be addressed in a consistent and manageable fashion. Check out our training videos for helpful instructions and tutorials.

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