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Quality Calibration Gas & Calibration Equipment in Edmonton

Quality Calibration Gas & Calibration Equipment in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer.

Calibration gases and calibration equipment are essential to ensure that gas detectors present an accurate reading. Being a leader in the sales and service for the gas detection needs of our consumers and serving numerous commercial, industrial, and Governmental sectors since 1997, at Electrogas., we strive to offer high-quality products to ensure your safety and provide unparalleled customer service. In our industry, we value both time and money and when you choose the calibration gas and bump/calibration stations available at Electrogas, you can save both. Call our professionals today if you’re looking for quality calibration gas in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary!

What is Calibration Gas?

Calibration Gas is a mixture of compressed gases that calibrates instruments such as gas detectors and helps ensure they function efficiently and effectively. Additionally, to prevent any confusion or risks and to guarantee the quality, the calibration gas must be traceable to national or international criteria.

These calibration gases can be further segregated into the following two categories:

  1. Zero Calibration – requires removing any trace of the target gas or any other cross-sensitivity gases from the sensor, to provide the instrument with a baseline reading when no gas is present.
  2. Span calibration – requires applying a specific known concentration of the target gas (or, on rare occasions, an applicable cross-sensitivity gas) to the sensor in order to provide an additional data point with which to chart the instrument’s detection curve.

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