MSA G1 Industrial

MSA G1 Industrial

In an emergency situation, being prepared, being safe, and being comfortable are within reach!

The industrial version of one of MSA’s most trusted products in the Fire Service industry, the G1 Industrial SCBA contains many unique design features that reduce stress and fatigue while improving performance and ease of maintenance.

The new G1 iRC (industrial remote cylinder connection) version is an SCBA platform that features a remote cylinder connection, available with both threaded and quick connect attachments. It allows for cylinder compatibility among other MSA SCBA

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  • G1 Facepiece
    • Wide field of view for increased visibility
    • The cross-contamination feature prevents exhaled air from entering mask mounted regulator
    • Open-port design provides low breathing resistance, on or off-air
  • G1 Carrier and Harness Assembly
    • Removable softgoods for easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Nanosphere coated shoulder straps improve resistance to water and chemical exposure
    • Shoulder pad placement reduces twisting, improving comfort and ease of donning

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