HPS® 7000

HPS® 7000​

The HPS® 7000 firefighter’s helmet is in a class of its own, thanks to its innovative, sporty, and dynamic design, ergonomic fit, and components that make it a multifunctional system solution. It provides optimum protection during every operation.

The ergonomic firefighting helmet design evenly distributes the weight to the head and relieves the neck muscles. The large and modern facial protection visor offers unrestricted protection with the best visibility. For operations under chemical protective suits, the visor can be fixed permanently. A safe alternative is provided by the integrated and individually adjustable eye protection visor with integrated soft-pad edge protection.

Available Colours: Black, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Chrome Luminescent, Luminescent Yellow, Red, Signal Blue, White Aluminium, White, Yellow-Green, Zinc Yellow.

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  • Tailor-made fit for every head
  • Interior fitting made of skin-friendly, anti-allergic and flexible materials
  • The 4-point harness allows for safe and easy adjustment to any head shape
  • Lightweight LED helmet lamp is integrated into the helmet shell
  • The interior fitting can be equipped with various audio/speech headsets
  • The outer shell of composite material in combination with the PUR inner shell
  • Resists extreme temperatures
  • Reflective stripes improve your visibility
  • Efficient to service

  • Sizes:
    • H1: for head size 52 to 62 cm
    • H2: for head size 56 to 64/66 cm
    • Continuously adjustable via the adjustment wheel
  • Weight:
    • HPS® 7000 Basic-H1: ca. 1,380 g (±5 %)
    • HPS® 7000 Basic-H2: 1,680 g (±5 %)
    • HPS® 7000 Standard-H1: ca. 1,480 g (±5 %)
    • HPS® 7000 Standard-H2: 1,780 g (±5 %)
    • HPS® 7000 PRO-H1: ca. 1,580 g (±5 %)
    • HPS® 7000 PRO-H2: 1,880 g (±5 %)
  • Outer Shell: Composite consisting of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (PA-GF) and additionally reinforced with aramid webbing, high-temperature-resistant
  • Mask Connection: Option to attach any adapter mask
  • Interior Fitting: Flame-resistant and washable 4-point harness made of Nomex®, sweatband of eco-leather, head support ring with patented wheel adjustment system, integrated hairnet, or multilayer comfort pad, fixing lever for facial protection visor and communication adapter.
  • Facial Protection Visor: Variant clear or clear with anti-scratch coating, gold-coated or anti-fog coating 2.5 mm polyether sulphone.