Buying vs. Renting Personal Safety Equipment

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Several industries rely on using personal safety equipment to protect the lives of their workers. The last thing any business wants to face is a worker becoming injured or killed while performing their job.

As such, businesses hire overseers who take responsibility for ensuring the company uses up-to-date equipment. However, businesses often face a critical question. Buying vs. renting personal safety equipment: which is better for business?

Several factors play into this decision, and the answer may vary according to your business needs. In this article, we’ll guide you through the pros and cons to decide which option will work best for your company!

Buying Safety Equipment

There are several benefits to buying personal safety equipment. Companies that buy their equipment receive an assurance of long-term value. These personal safety tools become an investment that pays for itself over repeated use.

Another clear benefit of purchasing equipment is its availability. When you buy safety equipment, your crew can access it as needed. If you rent equipment, there’s always a risk that another company has rented the same gear.

Since you know your crew has access to their tools whenever they need them, you can also avoid downtime. Your workers can work uninterrupted, knowing they won’t need to give up their equipment to other renters.

Lastly, buying safety gear gives you more control over it. You can know where it is, who used it last, and its condition at all times. There should be few surprises in this regard.

Renting Safety Equipment

While buying your safety equipment may seem like the best route, renting offers valuable benefits to your business. When you rent safety equipment, you save money with its reduced initial investment. If you don’t plan to use the equipment regularly, renting can be an ideal solution.

Renting also provides updated equipment, allowing you to choose between the most recent brands and models. If you buy your equipment, there’s always the risk that it could become outdated.

If you rent, you also receive access to a broad selection of products. Because renting costs are much lower than those of purchasing, you can afford to experiment with different tools to see what works best for you.

Buying vs. Renting Personal Safety Equipment: What’s Right For You?

To decide which of these choices is most beneficial to your company, consider a few factors. First, what does your budget allow? Can you afford to purchase satisfactory equipment?

Second, how frequently will you use this equipment? If you don’t rely on it to carry out your daily tasks, renting may prove a better choice. However, if renting could slow you down, it’s probably better to buy safety equipment.

Find Your Optimal Personal Safety Equipment!

The choice of whether you rent or buy personal safety equipment remains up to your business. Whichever you choose, make sure it will benefit your purposes in the long term.

When you look for safety equipment, search for companies that service many types of industries. Electrogas Monitors carries safety gear and equipment for a variety of industries. We serve all of Western Canada, with 3 locations in Red Deer, Calgary, and Edmonton. Contact us today to learn more about our rental safety equipment to protect yourself or your workers.