Mobile Live Fire Training Unit

Mobile Live Fire Training Unit

Dräger’s Mobile Live Fire Training Unit is a 53-foot, multi-purpose mobile live fire training unit designed for versatility and ease of transport. It is equipped with an onboard generator and a supply of gas cylinders. A second story can be hydraulically raised during operation and lowered for transport.

When in use, firefighters are confronted with real flames, extreme heat, high humidity, severely restricted visibility and thick smoke during their training. This allows them to train for a realistic emergency. In spite of the extreme heat, the Mobile Live Fire Training Unit is designed with safety in mind during training. Redundant safety devices for gas and temperature monitoring in accordance with relevant NFPA and CSA codes and guidelines control the conditions in the burn areas. If defined limits are exceeded or the emergency cut-off switch is operated, the system is automatically switched off and forced ventilation is activated.

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  • Realistic fire simulation
  • Customer-specific solutions (selection of typical fire scenarios includes: Kitchen, Bed/couch, Multiprop (various props available), Wall fire, Rollover
  • Easily transportable
  • Safety devices for gas and temperature monitoring in accordance with relevant NFPA and CSA codes
  • Accessible roof of the fire simulation trainer can also be used as an extended training area
  • DOT-compliant propane cylinders


  • Gas Detection; Temperature Sensing; Flame Control for Pilot Burners; Monitored Ventilation System; Emergency Stops; Deadman Switch; Water Bath Protected Components; PLC Controlled System; Burner Management System: CAN/CSA B149.3 and NFPA 86

Training Area

  • Approx. 300 sq.ft incl. props; Up to 2 Simulators; 1 x Rollover Simulator; 2 x Access Doors w/Stairs; 2 x Windows Latched w/Shutters; 1 x Roof Hatch; 1 x Stairwell to Roof; 1 x Vertical Removable Ladder


  • Heavy Gauge Steel for Props; Steel Lining on Walls and Ceiling; Sacrificial Plates for Heat Shielding; Ceramic Insulation Rated to 2,300ºF (649ºC); Chassis Galvanized w/Structural Steel


  • 12 kW (max) Rated Generator; 2 x Propane Cylinders (DOT Compliant); Smoke Generator and Smoke Fluid Reservoir; 2 x Air Intake Fans w/Automated Control

Recognized Standards

  • NFPA 1402 and 1403
  • UL 508
  • UL 147 (as applicable)
  • NFPA 86 (as applicable)