Why Your Business Needs a Lone Worker Safety System

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How you mitigate risk in your workplace will make a world of difference in how your company exists and operates. Putting systems into place that protect your workers will serve as an investment in your company for the long run. Whether you have employees working alone in industries from construction, oil, or any other field, a lone worker safety system can help keep everyone safe.

Here’s why a lone worker safety system is both an asset and a necessity for your workplace.

It Makes Provisions for Workplace Safety Hazards and Risks

When deploying safety systems for employees, you’re investing in your people, who are the most critical members of your company. A lone worker safety system is a software system that has an intuitive dashboard, monitoring, alerts, and analytics to help keep people safe. It keeps track of where people are working and gives live access to information when hazards are present.

These systems also let you know that your fall protection safety equipment is in order. When you have an active lone worker safety system, you will have extra eyes and ears for workplace hazards that are seen and unseen.

A Lone Worker Safety System Keeps You in Compliance

As a company, you need to follow the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards to remain in compliance. Alberta has its own set of standards regarding what defines a lone worker and what provisions must be in place to protect them. Employers have an obligation to protect employees working alone by assessing the hazards, eliminating or reducing risks, providing an effective communication system, and training employees.

Meeting these compliance standards will not only help you prioritize safety but also avoid fines and penalties from the government.

Your Employees Will Appreciate a Safe Work Environment

Putting the necessary safety measures into place for lone workers helps your employees feel cared for and appreciated, even when you don’t see them every day.

This builds equity in your company that you can’t put a price tag on. You’ll love the fact that everyone you work with is coming in with high morale and good energy.

You Cut Down on Liabilities

Finally, it’s important that you understand how these systems help you from a legal standpoint.

There are always several workplace injury liabilities at risk when your job involves any sort of manual labour. You cut down on the likelihood of lawsuits and settlements when you control these variables.

Start Improving Workplace Safety Today

The points above explain exactly how a lone worker safety system can help your company by leaps and bounds. Do your due diligence and start shopping for a system that can help you out.

Electrogas Monitors Ltd. has more than four decades of experience helping companies operate safely while mitigating risks. We’d be happy to help you with lone worker solutions in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and throughout Western Canada. Contact us today to learn more about our products.