Air Systems

Air Light II

Next Generation in Portable Area Lighting Operational Features of the Air Light II:

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Air Light

Air Light ™

The original Air Light: All Weather Portable Lighting Operational Features:

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The Original Saddle Vent®

Saddle Vent: Designed for use in Non-Hazardous Locations The Saddle Vent was developed by Air Systems and in use around the world for over 20 years to make it easier and safer for workers to enter and exit a confined space. The Saddle Vent takes up only 3 inches in a manhole opening and functions […]

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Hazardous Location Ventilators

Heavy Duty, Industrial Grade, Ergonomically Designed Centrifugal Blowers Explosion-Proof Electric Blower Model (SVB-E8EXP) Specifications: Pneumatic Air Powered Blower Model (SVB-A8) Intrinsically Safe Operation Specifications: Additional products for Hazardous Location Ventilators also available – please click here to see all available products

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Confined Space Carts


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Storage Racks

Order any size rack in either vertical or horizontal style. Systems can be ordered with cylinders and all hardware supplied at pressures up to 6000psi. Air Control panels can be customized for the most demanding applications. Racks can be designed for slide-in vehicle mounting. Custom heavy-duty steel floor storage racks can be ordered in any […]

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Cascade Cylinder Fill Assemblies

Air Systems’ cascade fill assemblies are used for refilling either 2216 or 4500psi SCBA cylinders. Fill assemblies include a 5 ft. high pressure fill whip with gauge, universal hand-tight nut, on/off and bleed valve. Cylinder connecting whips are supplied with a CGA stem, nut, and tee assembly. Additional cylinder connecting whips can be added to the assemblies […]

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Blast-Air Cart

The Blast-Air Cart has been designed to meet the demanding needs of the sandblast and coatings industry. The Blast-Air Cart 50 pictured is our standard 4 worker Breather Box™ mounted on a BA-1CAA pre-filter cart.  Air can be supplied to the cart from mobile or plant air compressors and pre-filtered through high capacity water, oil, […]

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Auto-Air Cart

The Auto-Air Cart provides a systems approach to breathing air filtration.  One cart contains our Grade-D filtration unit, and either a pneumatic or electric reserve air system and twin air cylinder storage.  Choose a cart size based on the desired amount of reserve air needed to allow workers to safely egress the work area.  Carts […]

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The Breathing Box

The Breather Box

The Breather Box is a portable Grade-D filtration system designed to provide breathing air for a specific number of workers.   The system filters incoming air from a compressor to provide ­respirator users with Grade-D quality air and ­monitors for CO and/or Oxygen. The first stage element filters bulk water and particulate and has an auto […]

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