The Underwater Kinetics - 800 Case

Underwater Kinetics – 800 Case

The Underwater Kinetics – 800 Case is a water-resistant storage container for your BW Technologies GasAlert monitor (either the MicroClipXT or Quattro). Dimensions: 5.4″ x 3.3″ x 2.5″ Colors Available: Red

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UK 5010 Carrying Case

UK 5010 Carrying Case

Keep all necessary equipment related to your monitor in a secure and durable place. Dimensions: 9.37″ x 7.25″ x 4.125″ Colors Available: Red or Black The UK 5010 carrying case offers room for everything including:

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bump gas cylinder carrying case

11L Bump Gas Cylinder Carrying Case

The 11L Bump Gas Cylinder Carrying Case is custom designed by Electrogas Monitors. Its purpose is to eliminate the problem of having your cylinder rolling around in your truck or dog house. The hard plastic storage container clips easily to any fabric such as a seat belt.

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Power Supply for MicroDockII

Power Supply for MicroDockII

Replacement or additional power supply for MicroDockII Calibration Systems comes standard with multiple A/C adapters for use in multiple countries and can turn your dock into a charging station by utilizing the secondary port found on the dock.

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Wall Mount Kits

Wall Mount Kits (Calibration Gas)

Attached your bottle of gas easily and securely to a wall or inside your truck using the wall mount kits. Designed to fit the 58L and 116L bottles of calibration gas (also available for the 34L bottle upon request).

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IR Connectivity Kit

IR Connectivity Kit

The IR Connectivity kit is used with the BW Fleet Manager II software to access some features in the GasAlert MicroClipXT, GasAlert Quattro and GasAlert MaxXTII units, including:

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Wall Mount Brackets

Wall Mount Brackets (MicroDockII)

Secure your MicroDockII calibration system out of the way using the wall mount brackets. These allow you to attach the station to any wall, giving you more workspace and providing extra protection for the station itself.

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Test Caps

Test Caps

Test caps used for bump testing and calibrating your monitor when you do not have a MicroDockII system. The caps attach easily to the front of each specific type of monitor and allow for gas flow over all relative sensors.  

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GasAlert Quattro Battery Packs

GasAlert Quattro Battery Packs

With the purchase of the additional GasAlert Quattro battery packs, the versatility of the monitor is drastically increased. Using your monitor with the ‘AA’ battery pack while your rechargeable pack charges, allows you to be safe through the course of the day – even if you forget to charge the battery.

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Sensor Screens

Sensor Screens

The standard sensor screens for the various members of the BW GasAlert Family offers the sensors direct coverage for dirt, dust and grime. These are an inexpensive consumable that can dramatically extend the life of all sensors within your GasAlert monitor.

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