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Software and Firmware Resources for Gas Detection Equipment

Connected Worker Software

As our manufacturing partners continue to grow and expand on the technology and innovations used in the gas detection industry, Electrogas is proud to offer access to these connected worker safety solutions. Cloud-based applications and software not only increase the efficiency of your fleet management but allows you to effectively track the location of all workers on location in real time. Each platform allows you to harness fast incident response, stronger safety culture and more worker confidence and trust.

Blackline Analytics

from Blackline Safety

Working seamlessly with Blackline’s portfolio of connected G7 wearable and area monitoring solutions, Blackline Analytics automates the reporting process, eliminating complacency and human error and ensuring that you always have an up-to-date view of potential unmitigated hazards and improper behaviours before they become dangerous.

Blackline Live

from Blackline Safety

Blackline Live is a software-based solution that gives you real-time insight into the well-being of your connected safety fleet. This powerful, efficient tool monitors and manages your integrated systems without slowing down your business’s productivity. Once you log in, you can easily monitor, manage and configure your connected safety solutions.

Gas Detection Connect

from Dräger Safety

Dräger Gas Detection Connect is your connection to the future of occupational safety. It is a software solution that allows you to manage your Dräger gas detection equipment – from anywhere and at any time. It manages your equipment and workers remotely and provides real-time information on their status and position.

Honeywell Safety Suite

from Honeywell

Honeywell Safety Suite is an integrated system of safety applications that assist managers to safeguard their workforce and comply with government regulations and safety policies. In any industry with at-risk workers, safety must be the top priority. The solution provides comprehensive worker-safety monitoring and gas detection device management. As a result, you have unified visibility data and device management capabilities to help your workers’ safety in the most challenging conditions.

Safety io Grid

from MSA Safety

The Safety io Grid platform increases the efficiency of your safety program. Grid Fleet Manager is a user-friendly web-based interface that can help minimize interruptions by proactively managing your fleet of gas detection equipment. Grid Live Monitor is a web-based, real-time alert management system for remote safety managers and control room operators. Grid Asset manager allows you to easily track and inspect fall protection equipment in real time from anywhere.

Connected Worker Solutions

from RKI Instruments

With the Connected Worker Solutions from RKI Instruments, you gain access to live gas readings and alerts where and when they matter. Utilizing the Bluetooth® capabilities of the GX-3R Pro monitor and the Guardhat app – you can connect your GX-3R Pros to this software and gain access to a Safety Control Centre. This centre assists with automating critical safety alerts and incident management, staying connected to keep workers safe and productive and so much more.

Latest Firmware Versions

Electrogas Monitors, in partnership with our manufactures have created a list of free software that they make available in support of their products. Ensure you have the highest level of protection, while the newest features and functions allow you to be more productive than ever before. Please use the links provide below to download the appropriate software you may require. If you have any questions or problems with this please do not hesitate to contact our service department at 1-866-341-6167 or via email.

Software/Firmware Name Product Used For Version Download Link
CC-Vision Basic Gas Detection Products 8.0.4 Download
Gas-Vision Basic Gas Detection Products 8.0.0 Download
X-Dock Firmware Dräger X-Dock® 03.04.00 Download
X-Dock Firmware Dräger X-Dock® 03.04.00 Download
X-Dock Manager Setup Dräger X-Dock® 3.2.1 Download

Software/Firmware Name Product Used For Version Download Link
GCT IR Link - v2.0.69 Download
GCT Manager - v1.3.39 Download
Firmware Multi Gas Clip v1.0.40 Download
Firmware Multi Gas Clip Simple v1.1.32 Download
Firmware Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus v1.1.32 Download
Firmware Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus v1.1.32 Download
Firmware Multi Gas Clip Pump v1.0.22 Download
Firmware Multi Gas Clip Dock v2.3.38 Download
Firmware MGC Simple Clip Dock v2.3.38 Download
Firmware Multi Gas Clip Pump Dock v2.3.38 Download
Firmware Single Gas Clip v5.1 Download
Firmware Single Gas Clip Plus v5.1 Download
Firmware Single Gas Clip Dock v2.3.38 Download

Software/Firmware Name Product Used For Version Download Link
Fleet Manager II MicrDock II 4.5.60 Download
IR Link Driver Gas Detection (Portables) 1.000 Download
IQ Management Suite ToxiPro and MultiPro V.1.12 Download
IntelliDox for MicroClip IntelliDox & MicroClip Series V.12.200 Download
IntelliDox for MaxXT II IntelliDox & MaxXT II V.12.2000 Download
IntelliDox for BWClip, Solo, Ultra, Icon IntelliDox & BWClip, Solo, Ultra, Icon V.12.2000 Download
Firmware Version MicroClip Series 50D Download
Firmware Version MaxXT II V.13.000 Download
Firmware Version BWClip Series V.2.101 Download
Firmware Version BW Icon and Icon+ V.1.160 Download
Firmware Version BW Flex V.01.42 Download
Firmware Version BW Ultra V.01.018 Download
Firmware Version BW Clip4 V.1.3.48 Download
Firmware Version QRAE Plus V.2.10 Download
Firmware Version QRAE 3 V.2.18A Download
Firmware Version ppbRAE 3000+ V.2.22A Download
Firmware Version MultiRAE Sensor V.1.54 Download
Firmware Version UltraRAE 3000 V.2.22A Download
Firmware Version AreaRAE Pro/Plus 1.080 Download
Firmware Version ToxiRAE Pro (CO2/LEL/EC/PID) 1.860 Download
Firmware Version RAELink 3 V.2.22 Download

Software/Firmware Name Product Used For Version Download Link
MSA Link Pro Gas Detection Products 2.0.756 Download
GX2 Firmware GX2 Docking Station 1.24.0246 Download

Software/Firmware Name Product Used For Version Download Link
Maintenance Data Loader Eagle 2 05121 Download
Datalogger Management Eagle 2 05357 Download
Datalogging Software 03-Series 04710 Download
Datalogging Software 04-Series 06134 Download
Datalogging Software GX-3R 06293 Download
IrDA Reprogramming GX-3R Pro Download
Datalogging Software GX-2003 04750 Download
Datalogging Software GX-2009 05058 Download
Datalogging Software GX-2012 05656 Download
Program Loader GX-2012 04145 Download
Datalogging Software GX-6000 06125 Download
PID List Loading GX-6000 07147 Download
Firmware Update and Program SDM-3R 07130 Download

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