Software Downloads

Electrogas Monitors, in partnership with our manufactures have created a list of free software that they make available in support of their products.  Please use the links provide below to download the appropriate software you may require. If you have any questions or problems with this please do not hesitate to contact our service department at 1-866-341-6167 or via email.

Draeger_logoC.C. Vision Basic v6.9.9


March 15, 2015 – A New version of Fleet Manager II software is available for download from BW Technologies. The latest version is compatible with the new BW Clip and IntelliDock bump and calibration system.

Fleet Manager (V4.0.31)

GasAlertQuattro_product_imageGasAlert Quattro Latest Firmware Version

Firmware V4.000


GasAlert MicroClipXL/X3 Latest Firmware Version (50A)

Follow the link below and click on the “Software” tab to find your copy of 50A.
**Please note: If your unit has firmware 40F or earlier, it must be upgraded to 40H prior to updating to 50A**

Firmware 40H Firmware 50A

GasAlert MaxXTII Latest Firmware Version

Firmware 11.0