XTIRPA Systems

XTIRPA Systems

For Confined Space Entry

MSA XTIRPA confined space entry systems allow for vertical or horizontal entry into many common confined space applications such tanks, vessels, transformers, sewers & manholes. These systems are lightweight, portable and easy to setup allowing for users to save time throughout the workday.

Available Systems in the XTIRPA Systems family:

  • Manhole Guard
  • Manhole Collar Systems
  • Pole Hoist System
  • Adapter Base System
  • Vehicle Hitch Mount System
  • Counter Weight System

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MSA XTIRPA Manhole Guard & Manhole Collar Systems

  • Extremely light weight making it easily portable
  • One person set up in just a few minutes
  • Allows for non-entry rescue of a confined space entrant via Workman Rescuer
  • Lift and lower personnel and materials via the Workman Winch eliminating the need for ladders

MSA XTIRPA Pole Hoist System

  • Designed for horizontal & vertical confined space entry

MSA XTIRPA Adapter Base System

  • Wide variety of adapter bases for multiple applications
  • Adapter base systems are permanently affixed to existing structures for work areas that require regular set-up and tear-down
  • Used in conjunction with the MSA XTIRPA universal davit arm for vertical entry into confined spaces

MSA XTIRPA Vehicle Hitch Mount System

  • Customized to accommodate a variety of confined space applications
  • Commonly used with rescue vehicle

MSA XTIRPA Counter Weight System

  • Ideal for movement and access between various confined space entry points in the same area