X-Plore® 8000

X-Plore® 8000 (Power Air Purifying Respirator)

When workplace environments compromise the quality of air you breathe demand reliable solutions. The Dräger X-plore® 8000 PAPR offers a new level of intuitive handling combined with intelligent electronics. The result? The high degree of personal protection you need to focus on the task at hand.

The X-plore® 8000 PAPR is designed with heavy duty rubber protectors and high ingress protection (IP 65) against dust and water from any direction. Choose from a standard or long-life battery—using the latest Li-ion battery technology—provide power for at least 4 and 8 hours of purified respiratory protection.

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  • Robust: Designed for daily use in tough environments
  • IP65 rating against dust and water from any direction
  • Advanced carrying system ensures optimal weight distribution
  • Hose connector features a 360° click adaptor
  • Self-explanatory operation minimizes user error
  • An optical sensor prevents use without the filter
  • Easy to maintain: Efficient cleaning and secure operation
  • Advanced temperature and pressure sensor technology to ensure the right flow rate for any environment
  • Modular: A wide range of components for every application
  • Combine various components and accessories to best fit your application, and system upgrades are possible at any time
  • Approvals: NIOSH (42CFR, Part 84)*
  • Ingress protection: IP65 (dust-tight and resistant to water jets from all sides)
  • Airflow: Automatic setting of operating type: loose- or tight-fitting headpiece
    • Adjustable in three levels:
    • Half and full-face mask: 30, 34 or 83 gal./min (115,130 or 145 l/min)
    • Hoods, Helmets and Visors: 30, 34 or 83 gal./min (115,130 or 145 l/min)
  • Battery technology: Lithium-ions: 12.6 V/3.4 Ah (standard battery), 12.6 V/6.8 Ah (high-capacity battery)
  • Operating time:
    • Standard battery life: 4 hours (at 55 gal./min (210 l/min) and particulate filter)
    • High-capacity battery: 8 hours (at 55 gals/min (210 l/min) and particulate filter)
  • Charging time: Under 3 hours (in 2 hours 80% can be reached)
  • Weight: Approx. 3 lbs. (1,400 g) (Dräger X-plore® 8500 incl. standard battery and splash guard lid)
  • Alarm system:
    • Optical alarm (operating display)
    • Acoustical alarm (≥ 80 dB(A) at 3.3 ft. (1 m)
    • Vibration alarm
  • Belt length: Adjustable between 27.56 in. (700 mm) and 55.12 in. (1,400 mm) (standard and decontamination version)
  • Belt extension: 13.8 in. (35 cm) (standard and decontamination version