Workman Harnesses

Workman Harnesses

Quality, comfort, and value come together in the Workman line of products. Workman Full Body Harnesses feature lightweight components and durable webbing. The four lines of Workman Harnesses allow for maximum flexibility in your fall protection choice. For example, when in corrosive environments, the Workman Stainless Steel Full Body Harness comes equipped with stainless steel hardware. Stainless steel components are resistant to harsh environments so they maintain durability when used in corrosive environments.

Available Workman Harnesses:

  • Workman Harness
  • Workman Construction Harness
  • Workman Stainless Steel Harness
  • Workman Arc Flash Harness

MSA Full Body Harnesses

MSA’s FP Diamond Energy Absorbing Lanyard’s streamlined design provides a strong and durable polyester sheath that’s abrasion and UV-resistant. Lanyards connect an MSA full body harness back (dorsal) D-ring to a qualified anchorage and anchorage connector. Energy absorber keeps fall arrest forces below ANSI, CSA and OSHA limits.

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  • Optimum quality at an economical price
  • Yellow polyester webbing for increased visibility
  • Color-contrasting thigh and torso straps simplify donning
  • Choice of Qwik-Fit™ or Bayonet leg straps for easy adjustment
  • Web retainer collars to keep excess webbing neat
  • Workman Construction Harness comes with integral lumbar support pad for work positioning and comfort.
  • Workman Stainless Steel Harness component hardware is made of stainless steel and will increase the product life cycle when working in corrosive environments.
  • Durable, nylon material won’t melt or drip in the event of an arc flash
  • Y-shaped D-locator pad keeps torso straps off of the user’s neck to prevent chafing
  • Comes in both a vest-type & crossover style option allowing user preference
  • Velcro lanyard keepers for lanyard stowage when not in use
  • Arc Flash symbol for easy identification