WOLF Area Gas Detection

Available Configurations

Stand-Alone System

Multiple 4-Channel Wireless Systems

WOLF Area Gas Detection

Multipoint Critical Gas Detection and Monitoring System

The WOLF Area Gas Detection package by Electrogas and RC Systems is a wireless detection and monitoring system that warns of hazardous gas levels. The compact, easy-to-install package critically monitors up to four points and can transmit data as far as 3 miles. It is ideally suited for detecting and monitoring gases including hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, ammonia, and certain combustibles. Flexible mounting and power supply options make it suitable for monitoring perimeters, and mobile work sites including HAZMAT facilities, rigs, disaster responses, and many more.

ViewSmart 400 4-Channel Controller

The ViewSmart 400, often functions as the “Site Controller” for the WOLF when it is desirable to interface wirelessly with other controllers and alarm instrumentation. The ViewSmart 400 4-channel Alarm Controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for four monitored variables. Easy to configure and user-friendly, the ViewSmart 400 can function as a critical Alarm Controller for toxic and combustible gases, vibration, tank levels, and other process values. Up to 8 configurable relays allow zoning and voting.

SenSmart 6000 Sensors

RC Systems’ state-of-the-art SenSmart 6000 series sensors are built with our proven ST-44 transmitters. These versatile toxic gas detection units feature bright, vivid color displays and embedded Ethernet connectivity with a web server and Modbus TCP. The high performance, universal SenSmart 6100 EC toxic gas detector supports our electrochemical sensors and is CSA Certified for Class 1, Division 1 locations.

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  • Up to four wireless or tethered inputs from monitors or bridge sensors
  • Standard package suitable for operation in Division 2 potentially hazardous areas
  • System size can be expanded to accommodate changes in requirements
  • Wireless data transmitted up to 3000 feet with standard antenna
  • LCD readout with backlight
  • Displays bar graphs and engineering units
  • Flexible power input: accepts 100-240VAC or 10-30VDC from battery and solar sources
  • Optional mounting options include tripod, pole mount or magnetic mount
  • Touch and magnetic keypad for operation in potentially hazardous areas
  • Can be installed quickly without disturbing the worksite
  • Four independent alarm levels for each channel
  • Five amp SPDT alarm relays configurable for HORN, HIGH, WARN or FAULT alarm conditions.

  • Available inputs: include 4-20mA w/ precision 100 ohm terminating resistor (0-2 Volt inputs may be accepted by removing the socketed terminating resistor) and bridge sensor inputs with adjustable sensor excitation and balance settings
  • Standard Alarm Relays: 2 x 5 amp 30VDC or 250VAC resistive Form C
  • Optional Analog Outputs: 10 bit 4-20mA output. Max load 800 ohms with nominal 24VDC power supply
  • Optional Alarm Relays: 6 x 5 amp 30VDC or 250VAC resistive Form C
  • Optional Serial Port: Modbus® Slave RS-485 port equipped with Tx / Rx LED’s 900MHz FHSS wireless Modbus® slave with RP-TNC connector 2.4GHz FHSS wireless Modbus® Slave with RP-TNC connector
  • Display:128 x 64 pixel graphic LCD w/backlight displays bar graphs, engineering units, CAL MODE, and keypad
  • Alarms: 6 x LED indicate alarm status
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -25ºC to +60ºC
  • Power Supply: 100-240VAC/24VDC are standard primary power supplies

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