V-SHOCK® Personal Fall Limiter

V-SHOCK® Personal Fall Limiter (Non-Leading Edge)

Focus on your work, not your SRL

V-SHOCK Web PFLs feature easy-to-understand housing colour, dashboard labels, and iconography to help make PPE selection on the job site quick and easy. Make the selection and use of self-retracting lanyards simpler with the new V-SHOCK line of SRLs. Available in multiple lengths and snap-hook configurations for a variety of applications.

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Colour Coding

Gray housing for identification as for overhead use vs. leading edge.


Included a icon signifying “Non Leading Edge.”

Dashboard Labels

Deliver critical information at a glance, on the first label in the pack.


Clearance Chart

Easy-to-understand clearance charts have been added to the label pack, making it easier to access clearance data without the manual.


  • Available in various lengths: 6 ft. • 8 ft. • 10 ft. • 20 ft. • 30 ft. • 50 ft.
  • Available in Single or Twin configurations
  • Nylon housing material
  • Steel or aluminum hardware materials
  • 1.0-inch wide thick Polyester Lifeline material
  • Energy-absorbing technology with Tear Tape
  • Application: Working at Heights
  • Industries: Oil & Gas, General Industry, Construction