V-Gard® C1 Hard Hat

V-Gard® C1™ Hard Hat

The Coolest Hard Hat on the Market

The MSA V-Gard C1™ Hard hat with RelectIR™ thermal barrier helps to alleviate heat stress. According to OSHA, heat is the leading cause of death among all weather-related phenomena, and it is becoming more dangerous as 18 of the last 19 years were the hottest on record.

The V-Gard C1™ Hard Hat uses patent-pending ReflectIR™ Thermal Barrier technology to keep the inside of the hard hat up to 11°C cooler* in sunny weather, making it the coolest hard hat on the market compared to those without ReflectIR™.

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Hazards & Challenges due to High Heat

29% Decrease

in worker productivity in temperatures of 32ºC or higher

300% Increase

in worker productivity in temperatures of 32ºC or higher


work-related heat injuries and illnesses (2011-2019) in the USA


US workers killed from excessive exposure to heat stress (2011-2019)

Every year, thousands become sick from occupational heat exposure, and some cases are fatal. OSHA states:

Occupational risk factors for heat illness include heavy physical activity, warm or hot environmental conditions, lack of acclimatization, and wearing clothing that holds in body heat.

Alleviate Heat Stress for Workers in Sunny Conditions

  • Exclusive patent-pending ReflectIR™ Thermal Barrier keeps the inside of the hard hat up to 11°C cooler*
  • Full brim with 12% greater coverage provides additional shade and sun protection
  • Optional large vents with strategic placement enable improved airflow
  • Premium moisture-wicking sweat band with breathable foam padding provides additional comfort and sweat management

  • Patent pending ReflectIRTM Thermal Barrier keeps the inside of the hard hat up to 11°C cooler in sunny conditions
  • Includes a moisture-wicking sweatband with breathable foam padding for additional comfort and sweat management.
  • V-Gard C1 full-brim Hard Hat has 12% more coverage than the V-Gard full-brim Hard Hat for added shade and sun protection.
  • Optional venting for enhanced air flow and cooling; largest vents available in a full-brim V-Gard Hard Hat.
  • Unique textured brim for added grip when donning & doffing the hard hat.
  • Fas-Trac® III ratchet 4-point Suspension is pre-installed for superior comfort and adjustability.
  • Full-colour logos are available in up to three locations: – Front and back, Front, back left, and back right
  • Reflective striping is available in silver or yellow up to 360° coverage: front, back and sides
  • Custom hard hat colours are available

  • Dimensions: 12.6" x 11.0" x 7.4"
  • Weight: 440 g
  • Display Type: Matrix display with high resolution
  • Materials:
    • Shell: Virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitor
    • Suspension: Nylon and polypropylene
    • Sweatband: Polyester
  • Available colours: White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, Gray, Hi-Viz Orange, Custom colour options available.