Parat® 3200

Parat® 3200

Fast protection against harmful gases by the handy, not a hood, Dräger PARAT® 3200. (Not NIOSH Approved)

Dräger PARAT® 3200 from Dräger, protects the user from harmful perilous gases and smokes for at least 15 minutes. It is approved in accordance with DIN 58647-7. Equipped with an ABEK15 filter, the Dräger PARAT 3200 provides reliable protection against several toxic gases and smokes and has never been easier or safer to don, even by persons with a beard or glasses with its mouthpiece and nose clip.

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  • Protection against: Industrial gases and vapours
  • Filter type: ABEK-15
  • Escape time: min. 15 minutes
  • Lifetime: 12 years (filter exchange required every 4 years)
  • Packaging options: Plastic housing
  • Weight: 0.73 lb
  • Approved in accordance with DIN 58647-7