OptimAir® TL PAPR

Optimair® TL PAPR

MSA’s OptimAir® TL PAPR incorporates a sleek, low-profile design for user comfort never before offered in a PAPR. All components, including the motor blower, cartridges, and battery, are packaged in a single hip-hugging housing. Its improved motor blower electronics allow for optimum airflow and filter resistance, while the compact and ergonomic battery pack affords lightweight comfort and fit. The unit automatically adjusts flow rates for altitude via an internal pressure sensor, while the cutting-edge design permits fast, accurate change-out of cartridges, hoods, and batteries.

Applications include pharmaceutical plants, HazMat cleanup, asbestos, mold and lead paint abatement, chemical processing, and Department of Energy facilities.

The low profile motor blower offers optimal airflow through a crushproof breathing tube, while the ergonomic battery pack allows for free movement within confined spaces.

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  • Audible and visual alarms indicate low flow indication and low battery voltage
  • Available with standard and an extended life battery
  • Less bulk and better weight distribution improves worker efficiency
  • Crushproof breathing tube
  • Automatic setting of flow rates
  • Sealing gaskets on each cartridge
  • Smart charger
  • NIOSH-approved