MicroDock II

MicroDock II

Automated Instrument Docking Station

The most cost effective way to manage the calibration and bump testing of Honeywell Analytics portable gas detectors is through the MicroDock II automated test and calibration system. Fully portable and easily expandable, the MicroDock II requires no computer and provides simultaneous management of up to six modules. Minimize expenses and maximize productivity with the MicroDock II.

Compatible with:

  • GasAlertQuattro
  • GasAlertMicro 5 Series
  • GasAlert Extreme
  • Honeywell BW Max XT II
  • Honeywell BW MicroClip Series (XT, XL, X3)

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  • Fully automatic “hands-free” calibration and functional bump testing
  • Automatically verifies performance of audible and visual alarms
  • Stores and updates calibration records in the MicroDock II, as well as in datalogging instruments
  • Entirely self-contained with no computer required
  • Lightweight and fully portable with optional wall mount
  • Operates via 6V line power or a set of four C-cell batteries
  • Fully customizable
  • Add extra self-contained docking modules to system via simple, plug-in connections – no external pressure transducers or gas lines necessary
  • Simple, accurate record keeping and fleet management
  • Verifies proper performance of detectors
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Multiple MicroDock II systems can be connected via a LAN
  • Includes Fleet Manager II software for easy data analysis
  • Multi-language support in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Device management with Honeywell SafetySuite
  • Size: 8.3 x 10.4 x 3.2 in (21.2 x 26.3 x 8.2 cm)
  • Power Supply: 6V wall adapter or four C-Cell batteries
  • Real-Time Clock: Provides time and date stamp for “last calibration” and “last bump test” data
  • Data Storage: Automatic (instrument and base station) MMC data storage system
  • Communication Method: Infrared communication between docking module and detector
  • External Interface: USB 2.0 interface for PC (USB 2.0 full speed)
  • Pump: DC motor, micro-diaphragm; 6V PCB mount; Flow rate 300 ml/min (typically)
  • Solenoid: Built-in (docking modules)
  • Calibration Gas Connections: 1/8 in. SMC connect sub-miniature coupling; two – five gas inlets
  • Detector Configuration: Automatic recognition of instrument and sensors; User-settable with Fleet Manager II
  • LED Indicators: Yellow “TEST”, Green “PASS”, Red “FAIL”
  • Warranty: Full 2-year Warranty