HyperSight HS-320R

HyperSight HS-320R

Ultra-Rugged Vehicle Mounted Thermal Imagining Camera

The HyperSight HS-320R is an advancement in thermal technology specifically designed for firefighters. Designed to be rugged and responsive, it is ideal for fire suppression and search and rescue operations. Easily mounted to any vehicle that operates near a fire, the HyperSight navigates through smokey conditions and avoids collisions with obstacles.

Fight Fire Faster

HyperSight HS-320R shortens your crew’s time spent on scene. Vehicles equipped with these rugged cameras can access areas otherwise unnavigable due to smoke obscuration, enabling earlier protection of people and property. Hotspots can also be easily identified and extinguished which prevents rekindles.

Crisp Detail & Responsive Imagery

The HS-320R provides a sharp, detailed image. This helps responders accurately differentiate between natural features, hazards and roadways. The camera’s virtually lag-less, shutterless 60 Hz frame imagery ensures drivers can react quickly and make critical navigation decisions in visually degraded environments.

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  • Dimensions: H: 1.9” W: 2.6” D: 1.9”
  • Sensor: Long Wave Infrared Sensor
  • Wavelength: 8 - 12 μm
  • Frame Rate: 60 Hz
  • Field of View: 40.8º - Horizontal; 31º - Vertical
  • Power: 12 - 24V
  • Video Format: NTSC
  • Body Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weather: Sealed
  • Operating Temperature: -40ºC - +85ºC (Internal)