HPS® 3500

HPS® 3500

​The HPS® 3500 by Dräger Safety is a multifunctional and universal helmet for the diverse requirements of rescue teams. Whether it be during search and rescue, forest and bush fire fighting, traffic accidents, rescue from heights, or water rescues, this versatile helmet combines robust construction with excellent wearing comfort.

The HPS® 3500 features a ventilation system ensuring an optimum climate inside the helmet. To prevent water, sparks, and metal chips from entering, it can be closed if necessary. The internal helmet components are made from skin-friendly materials that are anti-allergic, sweat-repellent, and breathable.

Available Colours:

  • Red, White, Yellow, Black, Blue, Luminescent, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange.

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  • Robust design
  • Uses technologically high-quality materials
  • Mechanically durable
  • Low weight
  • Optimized wearing comfort
  • Comfortable interior fitting (w/4-point harness and padding)
  • Quick-release chin strap buckle
  • A comprehensive range of accessories available

  • Size: Universal Size, freely adjustable for head sizes (52 to 64 cm)
  • Dimensions: 240 x 295 x 193 mm
  • Weight: Basic Version (unpainted/mass dyed: approx. 710g); Premium Version (approx. 780g)
  • Outer Shell: Polyamide, fibreglass-reinforced
  • Inner Helmet Components: Flame-resistant and washable 4-point harness; chin-strap w/hook-and-loop fastener and quick-release buckle; viscose hair net
  • Ventilation System: Freely adjustable (additionally reinforced w/steel mesh)
  • Resistance to Cold: Up to -30°C