The GX-2012 is a multiple tooled-in-one instrument. Containing 3 operating modes, the GX-2012 can be used for confined space, safety monitoring in its Normal Operating mode; Leak investigation in Leak Check mode; and underground leak checking in Bar Hole mode. By equipping it with the optional TC sensor, the GX-2012 can measure 100% volume methane and dynamically auto range from % LEL to % volume. This is ideal for line purge testing – a common practice in today’s oil industry.

The high-quality micro-sensor technology allows the GX-2012 to be RKI’s smallest personal 1-5 sensor gas monitor with a built-in sample pump. The large LCD display shows all gas readings, battery level, and current time, and will automatically backlight in alarm conditions. Standard alarm types include vibration, visual, and audible alarms, which can be set to latching or non-latching.

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  • Monitors ppm LEL, % volume methane, O2, CO and H2S
  • 0 to 100% volume methane option
  • Auto-ranging display of % LEL and % volume
  • 3 Operating modes: Normal, leak check, & bar hole
  • PPM leak detector
  • Adjustable display ranges
  • Visual/audible pulses change with gas concentration
  • CO display in leak check mode
  • Barhole test mode for underground leak checks
  • Internal sample drawing pump with up to 50'
  • Vibration, visual, and audible alarms
  • Automatic backlight during alarms
  • Lithium-ion or alkaline battery packs (interchangeable)
  • Intrinsically safe, ATEX/IECEx/CE or CSA/CE (Optional)

  • Dimensions: Approx. 143 (H) x 71 (W) x 43 (D) mm (5.6 H x 2.8 W x 1.6 D inches)
  • Weight: 350 g (12.3 oz.)
  • Alarm Types:
    • Gas alarms: 1st and 2nd, STEL, TWA (user adjustable) and OVER
    • Trouble alarms: Sensor connection, low battery, low flow, circuit trouble, and calibration error
  • Alarm Methods:
    • Gas alarms: Flashing lights, two-tone buzzer, and vibration
    • Trouble alarms: Flashing lights, trouble displayed, intermittent buzzer, and vibration
  • Sample Method: Internal sample pump, flow rate nominal 0.5 LPM, includes a hydrophobic filter
  • Response Time: Within 30 seconds (T90)
  • Display: Digital LCD with 7 segments, auto backlight during alarm
  • Continuous Operation: Alkaline battery: 15 hours; Li-Ion battery: 10 hours
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
  • Relative Humidity: 0- 95% RH non condensing
  • Warranty: Two years material and workmanship

Sensor Type Measuring Range Accuracy of Statement
Combustibles (Methane as Standard) 0 - 100% LEL ± 5% of reading or ± 2% LEL (LEL mode only)
% Volume (Methane) 0 - 100% Vol. ± 5% of reading or ± 2% of full scale
O2 0 - 40% Vol. ± 0.5% O2
H2S 0 - 100 ppm ± 5% of reading or ± 2 ppm H2S
CO 0 - 500 ppm ± 5% of reading or ± 5 ppm CO

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