Gravity® Suspension Harness

Gravity® Suspension Harness

Fall Protection Safety Harness – designed for comfort.

The Gravity® Suspension harness provides unparalleled comfort for all applications that require extended periods of time in a fall protection harness. The features and benefits of this new family of harnesses from MSA are designed to reduce fatigue and allow users to perform their duties better and in more comfort.

Models are designed for very easy donning, one-hand adjustment at all adjusters, and modern styling.

MSA Full Body Harnesses

MSA’s FP Diamond Energy Absorbing Lanyard’s streamlined design provides a strong and durable polyester sheath that’s abrasion and UV-resistant. Lanyards connect an MSA full-body harness back (dorsal) D-ring to a qualified anchorage and anchorage connector. The energy absorber keeps fall arrest forces below ANSI, CSA and OSHA limits.

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  • 8 adjustment points for perfect sizing and fit
  • Fold back hip D-rings that allow users to reduce possible snag hazards
  • Gravity Suspension versions available with comfort shoulder padding
  • Tool loops with internal rigid supports to make connection of tools easier
  • Tool loops on leg straps provide more tool holding options, and if are not needed may be cut off
  • All versions include waist and leg padding to improve suspension comfort
  • Quick adjusting buckles allow one hand tightening and loosening
  • Elastic web keepers provide flexibility to manage excess webbing
  • D-rings available at Ventral (waist), Sternal, Hip and Back locations
  • Waist pad with dual layer construction to reduce pressure during suspension
  • Fall arrest rated Sternal and Back D-ring
  • Carabiner with 3,600lb (16kN) gate strength
  • Bayonet style buckles available with locking engagement window to confirm secure connection
  • Bayonet buckles with undercut engagement, which prevents both tabs from disconnection while under tension