G7 EXO Area Monitor

G7 EXO Area Monitor

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G7 EXO from Blackline Safety takes your area monitoring program to the next level. Its integrated cellular and satellite connectivity seamlessly connects every worker with every part of your facility. EXO is built to withstand any harsh working conditions that mother nature can throw at it with its strong rugged design, 100+ day battery life, and cloud-connected technology. The EXO has streamlined data collection and reporting, ensuring the safety of your entire team and worksite.


The EXO integrates seamlessly with your existing G7 devices and any existing safety program to deliver comprehensive, robust area monitoring as part of a larger connected safety system.

G7 EXO solves the challenges of finding continuous toxic and combustible gas monitoring for sites, facilities and fence lines. The single and easy-to-use platform allows not only for streamlined efficiency in long-term area monitoring and connected safety but for your teams to focus on their work at hand.

AlertLink – New Feature!

proximity-based warning alerts for G7C and EXO

New feature coming Spring 2024

Discover the power of AlertLink, a cutting-edge proximity-based safety communication feature designed to enhance emergency response capabilities. AlertLink shares real-time alerts with nearby active devices, facilitating rapid response to high-urgency events like Emergency SOS, No Motion, Fall Detection, High Gas, and Gas Sensor Over Limit.


What type of gases does the G7 EXO detect?

G7 EXO is highly configurable and compatible with our suite of G7 products and gas sensor cartridges with thousands of sensor combinations including:

Ammonia, high-range ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, high-range carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, COSH, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, high-range hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen-resistant carbon monoxide, LEL-MPS, LEL-infrared, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, ozone, photoionization detector (PID) and sulfur dioxide

How do I change which gas(es) the G7 EXO detects?

G7 EXO’s cartridge can be changed by removing the cartridge cover, followed by pulling the cartridge out. To add a new cartridge, follow the reverse process by sliding the cartridge into the socket and adding the cartridge cover. If you wish to order new gas cartridges, please contact your Electrogas Sales Representative.

How often do I have to change or charge the battery?

G7 EXO has industry-leading battery life with continuous communication with the Blackline Safety Cloud. Battery life lasts more than 100 days under standard operating conditions.

Battery life can vary depending on the cartridges it is supporting, ambient temperature and whether it is equipped and using the pump module for remote sampling of confined spaces.

  • In diffusion mode for the standard four-gas cartridge configuration and at normal temperatures (about 20°C or 68°F), EXO will last for 100 days.
  • In pump mode for the standard four-gas cartridge configuration and at normal temperatures (about 20°C or 68°F), EXO will last for 30 days.

EXO also comes with an intrinsically safe charging port and solar panel accessory, supporting the continuous operation. 

Does G7 EXO detect gas coming from any direction?

G7 EXO features 360-degree gas detection based on its unique gas path that enables free gas diffusion from any direction, leading to faster response to gas that enters the area.

How long does calibration or bump test take?

Calibration of the G7 EXO takes approximately 4 minutes, while bump tests can be performed in 30 seconds. The exact time may differ slightly depending on the gas being used.

  • 100+ day battery life
  • Diffusion and combination diffusion/pump models
  • Internal 3G/4G wireless works in 100+ countries
  • Works globally with optional Iridium satellite communication
  • Call for help using the SOS latch
  • Simultaneously monitors up to five gases
  • Over 20 available gas sensor options
  • Works seamlessly with Blackline Live cloud-hosted software
  • Communicates data to the Blackline Safety Cloud — no need to collect data from the field
  • Blackline Live automates configuration changes, plus firmware updates
  • Blackline Analytics automates compliance reporting
  • Internal GPS and beacon location technology
  • Manage G7 EXO area monitors in Blackline Live alongside G7c personal monitors

  • Size: 385 mm x 188 mm x 220 mm (15.1 x 7.4 x 8.7 inches)
  • Weight: 21 lb. (9.5 kg)
  • Material: Rugged housing built from aluminum, plastic and rubberized bumpers
  • Display: 480 x 640 pixel, 8-colour active-matrix liquid crystal display
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 55°C
  • Ingress Protection: IP65
  • Alarms/Notifications:
    • Green Light: Blinking (powered); Continuous (connected)
    • 360° Visible Yellow and Red Lights
    • Yellow Light: Pending and warning alarms
    • Red Light: Red alert communicated
  • Pump: 4-Channel Pump; Up to 30m (100ft) draw
  • Battery Life:
    • In diffusion mode: 100 days (at 20°C, LEL-IR, H2S, CO and O2)
    • In pump mode: 30 days (at 20°C, LEL-IR, H2S, CO and O2)
  • Cellular Wireless: 2G/3G or 4G/4G in North America
  • Satellite Wireless: Iridium global coverage network
  • Location Technology: 48-channel, high-sensitivity GPS radio; within 5m (16ft.) outdoors, open sky
  • Warranty: 3-Year Hardware; Lifetime warranty on sensors and pumps (with active service plan)

  • NH3 - Ammonia
  • NH3 - High-range Ammonia
  • CO2 - Carbon dioxide
  • CO -Carbon monoxide
  • CO - High-range Carbon Monoxide
  • Cl2 - Chlorine
  • Cl2O2 - Chlorine Dioxide
  • COSH
  • HCN - Hydrogen Cyanide
  • H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide
  • H2S - High-range Hydrogen Sulfide
  • CO (H2 resistant) - Hydrogen-resistant Carbon Monoxide
  • LEL-infrared
  • LEL-pellistor
  • NO2 - Nitrogen Dioxide
  • O2 - Oxygen
  • O3 - Ozone
  • PID - Photoionization Detector
  • SO2 - Sulfur Dioxide

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