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The G1 PAPR is a dependable PAPR used by first responders in CBRN environments. Its industry-leading motor-blower and constantly filtered airflow, belt-mounted G1 CBRN PAPR, it is ideal for first responders, military and special ops personnel who require non-IDLH respiratory protection for up to eight hours. Its constant airflow helps users stay physically alert and focused, while also preventing fogging inside the facepiece.

Three proprietary cartridges designed for CBRN, particulate and poisonous gases or vapors are available for the G1 PAPR. Batteries can be “hot-swapped,” and blower’s EMI shield ensures that there is no interference with radio communications.

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  • Constantly filtered airflow, reducing fatigue and preventing facepiece fogging
  • Non-IDLH respiratory protection for 8 hours (LiSO2) or 4 hours (NiMH)
  • Compatible with the existing fleet of MSA CBRN PAPRs, just add a G1 Facepiece, choice of a breathing tube, and G1 APR Single Port Adapter