Firehawk® M7XT Air Mask

FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask

MSA’s new FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask represents a true technological achievement in critical firefighter protection. As firefighters determined the safety requirements required to meet NFPA 1981 and 1982 2013-edition standards, MSA engineering teams work tirelessly to design solutions. The new FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask, with its life-safety design components built upon a modular air mask platform, exceeds NFPA 2013 requirements and provides firefighters with the highest quality SCBA available.

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  • Extreme Heat PASS: FireHawk® M7XT PASS alarm emitter exceeds 95 decibels with solid performance, within elevated temperature environments.
  • Reliable Electronics: FireHawk® M7XT HUD, I-HUD Receiver, Power Module, and Control Module are encased within proprietary high- temperature impact-grade polymer, providing the highest possible protection against impact and water ingress
  • Critical Communication
  • Fireground Management: Unit displays a full array of visual and audible information for up to 100 firefighters within a one-mile-line-of- site
  • Emergency Egress: FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask offers the Rescue Belt II System, an NFPA-compliant integrated self-rescue egress, providing one more lifesaving option in the face of danger.
  • CBRN Protection: CBRN Firehawk® MMR includes a positive protection Tetraplex Shield to prevent contact between chemical warfare agents and the most vulnerable component of regulators, the thin elastomeric diaphragm.
  • Cross Contamination Protection: MSA’s Ultra Elite XT Facepiece helps to protect against cross-contamination with MSA’s inhalation check valve.
  • Lightweight and Easy-to-Use
  • Expandable Technological Design: Accepts technology upgrades through a 2.4GHz personal wireless network that transmits and receives encrypted information over short range.
  • Weight (w/empty H-30 SL cylinder (including batteries)): 20 lbs, 8 oz
  • Battery life of electronics: > 1 year with frequent use (standard alkaline cells)
  • RFI shielding: Up to 50v/m radio signal load across 80 MHz to 2.5 GHz range
  • PASS device heat alarm performance: > 95 dB @ 500°F
  • Water immersion protection: M7XT electronics at 5-ft. depth for 1 hour
  • Air delivery: Manufactured to NFPA standard 320 lpm rate; design qualifed at twice NFPA rate (640 lpm) cyclic breathing
  • Data-logging: Most recent 25-hours-of-use information
  • Electronic ID tagging (RFID): Standard with M7 and M7XT Accountability System