FIRE-KAT Compressors

FIRE-KAT Compressor

The FIRE-KAT Compressor System by JordAir Compressors features a Bauer compressor block installed within a semi-enclosed frame. The compressor system provides a service-friendly design with an active customer interface. As a Canadian distributor and certified service company for JordAir, Electrogas can assist with any and all compressor needs.

All FIRE-KAT compressors are supplied with the Siemens Logo 8 PLC with a 6” panel-mounted HMI screen. Adjacent to the PLC screen is the panel mounted CSA-required CO monitor, Securus Moisture Monitor and ESD button. A high air temperature RTD with shut down & alarm as well as inter-stage and final pressure relief valves protect the compressor and its components. Oil pressure is monitored by a transmitter with an alarm and display.

JordAir compressors drain every 15 minutes into an automatic collection system, improving quality and reliability. All FIRE-Kat systems include JordAir’s nationally certified 7300 PSIG-rated filter system, which extends component life to 35 operating years and keeps operation simple and safe.

Download the brochure for full FIRE-KAT Compressor Systems details.



System Features:

  • Balanced Design
  • Low Noise
  • 35-Year Filter Chambers
  • Extended Cartridge Life
  • Ease of Service (from the Rear of the Unit)
  • Active Customer Inter-Face

Block Features:

  • Low Oil Consumption
  • Oil Filter Cartridge
  • High Tech HP Piston
  • Heavy Duty Crank

  • Logo 8 PLC with panel mounted 5 inch x 8 inch TP700 HMI screen showing compressor fault data
  • Panel-mounted CO monitor with regulator
  • Panel-mounted Securus Moisture Monitor
  • Low oil pressure transmitter and alarm and screen display of the fault and actual operating data
  • High-temperature transmitter with alarm and screen display of the fault and actual operating data
  • Final pressure transmitter set for customers required to shut down pressure
  • Final pressure displayed on the HMI screen
  • Auto-run and manual mode operation with emergency shut-down button
  • Optional connection to the customer and service technicians' cell phone
  • Inter-stage and oil pressure gauges are mounted on the block and visible at the backside of the compressor
  • Nationally certified CRN registered 7300 PSIG filter system matched to the compressor capacity
  • Final separator cycle counter to ensure filter system safety and record pressure cycles
  • Cycle count is displayed on the panel-mounted HMI display screen
  • Filter system life rated for 35 years or 100,000 pressure cycles
  • Automatic condensate drain and silent collection system