Evotech Lite Full Body Harness

Evotech Lite Full Body Harness

The EVOTECH LITE Safety Harnesses provides added comfort by removing the excess weight found in some full body harnesses. The EVOTECH LITE Full Body Harnesses are 20% lighter than standard fall protection safety equipment; workers will feel the difference at the end of a long day.

MSA Full Body Harnesses

MSA’s FP Diamond Energy Absorbing Lanyard’s streamlined design provides a strong and durable polyester sheath that’s abrasion and UV-resistant. Lanyards connect an MSA full body harness back (dorsal) D-ring to a qualified anchorage and anchorage connector. Energy absorber keeps fall arrest forces below ANSI, CSA and OSHA limits.

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  • Aluminum hardware decreases weight of harness by 20%
  • NanoSphere® coating on webbing repels dirt, oil, grease, moisture, etc.
  • Patent-pending leg strap design keeps leg straps in place, increasing mobility and comfort
  • No binding edge on shoulder padding prevents neck chafing
  • Sub-Pelvic Strap with patented variable width webbing provides 50% more surface area for improved weight distribution and improves comfort
  • Breathable padding with moisture-wicking material keeps users cooler
  • Dual-color webbing – red pattern on outside, black on inside – promotes easy identification of twisted webbing
  • Patent-pending web management system provides means of storing excess webbing
  • Web finials prevent fraying on web ends and simplify threading through buckles
  • Reflective webbing integrated into harness webbing increases visibility in low-light environment
  • Web material type and dimensions: 1 3/4” (44 mm) nominal width, polyester with NanoSphere® coating
  • Hardware materials and coatings: Aluminum, stamped
  • Thread material and type: Sub-pelvic, torso, and leg strap stitches: 3 cord Polyester
  • Web finials: 5 cord Polyester
  • Plastic materials: Nylon, Santoprene
  • Label materials: Valeron
  • Web minimum breaking strength: 7,000 lbs
  • D-ring minimum breaking strength: 5,000 lbs, proof-tested to 3,600 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 400 lbs (181 kg)
  • Padding materials: Outside top material: 1000 denier nylon Inside material: 3D mesh with monofilament yarn
  • Outside bottom: 3D mesh