Cascade Cylinder Fill Assemblies

Cascade Cylinder Fill Assemblies

Air Systems’ cascade cylinder fill assemblies are used for refilling either 2216 or 4500psi SCBA cylinders. Fill assemblies include a 5 ft. high pressure fill whip with gauge, universal hand-tight nut, on/off and bleed valve. Cylinder connecting whips are supplied with a CGA stem, nut, and tee assembly. Additional cylinder connecting whips can be added to the assemblies for multiple or extended SCBA fill capacity.

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Cylinder Fill Whips:

  • Low Pressure:
    • HP-FW5-346
    • CGA-346 Fill Whip
    • 3000PSI Maximum
  • High Pressure
    • HP-FW5-347
    • CGA-347 Fill Whip
    • 5000psi Maximum
  • Ultra High Pressure
    • HP-FW5-702
    • CGA-702 Fill Whip
    • 6000psi Maximum

Fill Regulator

  • 6000psi inlet
  • 0-5000outlet with gauges
  • CGA-347 or CGA-702 inlet

High Pressure to Low Pressure Adapters

  • HT-346RV
  • CGA-347 to CGA-346
  • 2400psi set pressure