BW™ Flex

Honeywell BW™ Flex

The Honeywell BW™ Flex offers the flexibility you need, whether you’re protecting your employees in industries from steel and wastewater to oil services and construction. Choose from more than 15 sensors to simultaneously detect up to 4 hazardous gases.

Real-Time Gas Readings at a Glance

The BW™ Flex features a large high-resolution display that clearly conveys all vital safety information, resulting in faster decision-making and protection of life. Its innovative design, compact size, and ease of use build on the existing legacy of Honeywell BW™ gas detection products.

Simplified Gas Reporting and Analysis

Honeywell BW™ Flex can be paired with a smartphone easily via Bluetooth®. When connected to the Honeywell Safety Suite Device Configurator app, quick and precise device management, maintenance, reporting, and analysis are at your fingertips. Increase productivity by simplifying tasks like recording incidents and save time with a one-click download for all instrument data.

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  • 2 months of battery runtime on a 4.5-hour charge
  • The latest in low power LEL infrared technology (immune to silicone poisoning
  • i-Series sensor technology which monitors sensor stats and provides advanced predictive calibration, maintenance, and end-of-life information in real-time
  • Compatible with the IntelliDoX instrument management system
  • Compatible with Honeywell Safety Suite using Bluetooth®
  • IntelliFlash™ green light indicates when the detector is in compliance
  • Amber light indicates the need for maintenance
  • 1-series sensors respond to dangerous gas levels in seconds, even in harsh temperatures
  • Small, lightweight, and wearable
  • One-button operation

  • Size: 4.29 x 2.44 x 1.7 in. / 108.2 mm x 61.5 mm x 43.2 mm (with Alligator Clip)
  • Weight:
    • 189 g (6.7 oz) with Catalytic LEL and Alligator Clip
    • 186 g (6.6 oz) with IR LEL and Alligator Clip
  • Working Temperature: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F) with Catalytic LEL sensor
  • Working Humidity: 5% to 95%
  • Ingress Protection: IP66, IP68
  • Alarms and Type:
    • Visual, Vibrating, Audible (95dB)
    • Low, High, TWA, STEL
    • Negative Drift, Over Limit, Multi-Alarm
  • Self-Test:
    • Perform diagnostic of sensors, circuitry on activation
    • Activated detector automatically performs an analog sensor diagnostic every 10 mins.
  • Typical Battery Life: 40 days @ 8 hours of use per day with IR LEL or 15 hours per day with Catalytic LEL (with NDIR CH4 sensor)
  • User Options:
    • Change High, Low, TWA and STEL alarm points
    • Latching alarms
    • Set Calibration and/or bump test reminders
    • Assign worker and location assignments
    • Always on
    • User options only available via Device Configuration and Safety Suite Device Configurator
  • Device Warranty: Three-year warranty for sensors and detector

Sensor Type Measuring Range Resolution
CO 0 to 2000 ppm 1 ppm
H2S 0 to 200 ppm 1 ppm (can be set to 0.1 ppm)
SO2 0 to 150 ppm 0.1 ppm
O2 0 to 30 %Vol. 0.1 %Vol.
NDIR-CH4 0 - 100 %LEL 1 %LEL
Catalytic LEL 0 - 100 %LEL 1 %LEL

**Caution: The infrared LEL sensor used in Honeywell BW™ Flex cannot detect hydrogen and acetylene. For applications involving these combustible gases, please specify the catalytic type LEL sensor.