Blast-Air™ Cart

Blast-Air™ Cart

Designed for the Commercial Sandblasting, Paint and Coatings Industry

The Blast-Air™ Cart has been designed to meet the demanding needs of the sandblast and coatings industry. The Blast-Air™ 50 pictured the standard 4 worker Breather Box mounted on a BA-1CAA pre-filter cart. Air can also be supplied to the cart from mobile or plant air compressors and pre-filtered through high capacity water, oil, and particulate separators located on the rear of the rugged steel cart.

These pre-filters automatically drain large amounts of oil and water discharged from a compressor before it enters the Breather Box. This process extends the filter life of the Breather Box and reduces maintenance downtime and costs.

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  • Cart Dimensions: 40 inches H x 20 inches W
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Dual 300cfm Cart Mounted Pre-Filters with Automatic Drains
  • 1ST STAGE FILTER w/ Filter Change Indicator, Removes Bulk Water and Particulate, 5.0 micron
  • 2ND STAGE FILTER w/ Filter change Indicator, Coalescing Oil and Ultra-fine Particulate Filtration, .01 micron
  • 3RD STAGE FILTER w/ Filter Change Indicator, Charcoal Removes Organic Vapors and Objectionable Odors, .03 micron
  • Automatic Drains in 1st and 2nd Stage Filter Assemblies
  • 2-year Warranty on CO Sensor and Monitor
  • In-Line Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor with optional CO/O2 Monitor - Intrinsically Safe CSA Approved Models available
  • Electrochemical Sensor for Specific Gas Detection and Rapid Calibration in less than 2 minutes
  • Dual 9-Volt Battery Operation, 8-16 VDC and/or 115 Volt AC
  • Safety Relief Valve set at 125psi
  • Solid Aluminum Block Manifold with manual drain
  • 0-160 psi Pressure Gauge
  • Visual Flowmeter to Verify Air Flow to Monitor
  • External Case Mounted CO Warning Lights and Audible Alarm
  • Remote DC Alarm Jack with Cover Cap, standard
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure - 150psi
  • All respirator couplings are provided with a safety lock feature