Advantage® 1000

Advantage® 1000

The Advantage® 1000 Full-Face Respirator provides top-notch protection while being low-maintenance and cost-efficient. It weighs 40% less than conventional full-face respirators and uses the same cartridges as the Advantage 200 LS respirator for additional flexibility.

Constructed with soft Hycar rubber and features and combined with a wraparound flexible urethane lens – offers a comfortable fit with increased vision. Available in three sizes and has a unique inturned lip that provides a strong seal. Other features of the Advantage® 1000 include a speaking diaphragm for clear, short-range communications and a nose-cup to reduce lens fogging. It can be easily donned and removed because of its fully elastic, six-point head harness.

Part of the MSA Advantage® Series

MSA’s Advantage® Respirators provide optimal respiratory protection essential for workers in varied work environments including chemical, general industrial, pharmaceutical, first responders, construction, nuclear, craft trades, and even do-it-yourselfers. MSA‘s Advantage® Respirators and the wide selection of Advantage® Cartridges and Filters provide the protection you need, whether they are used for precautionary measures or in situations where hazardous gases, vapors, or particulates may be present.

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  • Less cost than conventional full facepiece respirators
  • A flexible urethane lens allows the facepiece to conform to the wearer's facial contours
  • 40% lighter than conventional full-facepiece style respirators
  • Available Sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE (offers a fit for a variety of faces)
  • Bayonet-mounted filters, cartridges and combination cartridges feature low lug height for easy attachment.
  • Cartridges are color-coded for easy identification.