Portagas Goes Green with their Portagreen Calibration Gas Cylinders

PortaGas is proud to introduce their new disposable, returnable, and environmentally friendly “PortaGreen” cylinders. These new cylinders have the longest shelf life in the industry and are approximately 33% smaller in size.

The new returnable cylinder from Portagas allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by removing the Hazmat disposal process entirely. The simple “Strip & Ship” system allows our customers to return their empty cylinders directly to Portagas, at no charge to them.

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Calibration Gas Made Easy

Portagas in partnership with Electrogas Monitors is dedicated to providing innovative calibration solutions specifically for environmental and industrial hygiene applications. Portagas mixtures are made to the highest accuracy with trace ability to N.I.S.T. Each cylinder is designed to be light and portable and is labeled with a lot number and an expiration date to guarantee the stability of the mixture.

With the 100 series regulators, Portagas offers unequaled quality and performance from its constant flow regulators. With their unique diaphragm design, these regulators will hold their preset flow, even as the cylinder pressure is depleted.

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SDS Sheets

As of June 1, 2015, MSDS sheets have been replaced by the new Global Harmonization Systems MSDS (which will now be called just SDS). SDS sheets are valid for three(3) years from the date of last revision

**Updated: September 22, 2015**