New G7 Purchase Option

Purchasing Option - G7 Gas Detector - Blackline Safety - Electrogas

The ONLY gas detector that works as hard as you

Although you can treat it like the gas detector you’re used to, the G7 is unlike anything you’ve experienced. As the first and only direct-to-cloud gas detector, you’ll be able to view and manage your entire fleet from anywhere and every unit will always be correctly configured and up to date. Electrogas, in accordance with Blackline Safety, is now offering the industry-revolutionizing G7 gas detector at the low cost of


+GST **No Service Plan**


  • Connected, a full-featured gas detector that sets up in minutes
  • SOS latch notifies any email or phone number
  • Over-the-air configurations and device updates
  • Real-time gas detection compliance
  • Powerful analytics and reporting interface
  • Cloud-hosted platform with 99.9% uptime
  • Quad-gas sensor configuration: LEL-IR, H2S, CO, O2
  • Two-year warranty on hardware and sensors
  • Two years of System Access (billed at $119 annually thereafter)

Benefits of New Purchasing Options

  • More affordable initial costs to protect your employees with industry-leading technology
  • No service plan required, but still, have access the Blackline Analytics Portal
  • Service package can be added at your convenience to utilize the Blackline monitored features

Optional Add-On Services Available




Use your G7 monitors like a walkie-talkie with 100 channels and global coverage. Up to 250 users per channel, including all-calls during and emergency.

Real-Time Safety Options - Blackline Safety - Electrogas

Self Managed Alerts


Monitor your team’s safety by adding real-time alerts to Blackline Live and two-way voice calling with your G7c gas detectors.

Real-Time Safety Options - Blackline Safety - Electrogas

Blackline Monitored


Blackline Safety’s 24/7/365 SOC will respond to your team’s alerts through voice calls directly to the G7c. The average response time is less than 60 seconds.