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Contact Tracing - Blackline Safety - Electrogas

Industrial Contact Tracing for COVID-19

During the COVID-19 situation, protecting the safety of your employees and worksite should always be your top priority. Blackline Safety’s industry-leading connected safety technology helps safeguard your employees and businesses through automated industrial contact tracing.

Using a combination of the G7 and the Loner Mobile App, employee location data streams directly to the Blackline Safety Cloud and powers interactive contact tracing reports through Blackline’s Analytics software.

Should an employee present symptoms or test positive for the COVID-19 virus, Blackline’s contact tracing report can immediately retrace the individual’s steps, see where they may have contacted other coworkers, and identify who those individuals are.

Existing Blackline Customers

Existing customers of Blackline Safety now have the ability to easily identify which employees have come into contact with one another using their existing Blackline Live Portal.

How does it work?

  1. Log into your Blackline Live Portal
  2. Click Menu to bring up the navigation
  3. Click Blackline Analytics
  4. Located the Close Contact Report for the list of reports
  5. Choose from one of the four reporting options (Summary and Heat Map; Interactions by User; Frequency of Close Encounters; Interactions Logs)
  6. Select the required ‘Start’ and ‘End’ period
  7. Use the distance slider to specify the separation between users to define ‘Contact’.
  8. The report will log all employees that fall into the select distance during the time period you specify, making it extremely easy to identify personnel.
Contact Tracing - Blackline Safety - Electrogas
Contact Tracing - Blackline Safety - Electrogas