Bump Testing Your BW Clip4

BW Clip4 – Update

Product: BW Clip4 and IntelliDox for BW Clip4
Level of importance: Medium
Action required: Information Update
Date: March 23, 2017

It has recently been brought to the attention of BW Technologies by Honeywell that the BW Clip4 will not pass a bump test if the gas is being applied with the aerosol spray bottles (part number PG-BUMP1). The BW Clip4 requires a longer duration of gas to successfully pass a bump test. The 10 seconds of gas that the balloon/aerosol spray bottle provides is not enough for the BW Clip4. It is recommend that customers manually bump test the BW Clip4 with a 34 / 58 litre bottle of calibration gas connected through a 0.5lpm regulator to provide a steady flow of gas allowing the user to follow the on screen bump instructions.

The IntelliDox for BW Clip4 requires the detector to be removed after each bump or calibration. The BW Clip4 needs time outside the docking station to let the test gas clear properly. A countdown timer will start and once complete the gas detector is ready for operation. The auto bump test on insertion feature that is default on IntelliDox systems has been disabled on the BW Clip4 by default. This is required as the detector needs to be removed after each test.


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