AlertLink by Blackline

Proximity-based warning alerts for G7C and EXO

AlertLink proximity-based warning alerts for G7C and EXO

New feature coming Spring 2024

Coming soon: Enhanced protection for your remote sites and facilities, with reduced operational costs and effort. Stay tuned for upcoming features that will elevate safety and efficiency, providing enriched capabilities for your operations.

Discover the power of AlertLink, a cutting-edge proximity-based safety communication feature designed to enhance emergency response capabilities.

AlertLink shares real-time alerts with nearby active devices, facilitating rapid response to high-urgency events like Emergency SOS, No Motion, Fall Detection, High Gas, and Gas Sensor Over Limit. Experience expedited field-level response, streamlined evacuations, and a fortified fence line gas monitoring network with AlertLink.

AlertLink - Blackline Safety - Electrogas
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Key Benefits

AlertLink - Blackline Safety - Electrogas

Interconnected Fence Line Network

AlertLink enables the sharing of high gas alerts from one EXO area gas monitor to other nearby connected devices on the fence line. Featuring a custom radius range between 30 m (100 ft) to 5000 m (16,000 ft), this seamless, interconnected system means if one EXO issues an alert, others within the proximity radius also activate alarms, ensuring all nearby workers stay safe.

AlertLink - Blackline Safety - Electrogas

Streamlined Evacuations

EXOs share alarms with nearby area monitors, and workers receive immediate notification on their G7 devices about the EXO alarm, facilitating faster evacuations when needed. That’s because additional steps, like sending out a group text message or contacting workers directly on the need to evacuate, can be eliminated.

AlertLink - Blackline Safety - Electrogas

Faster Responses in the Field

If an employee is working away from others and has an incident, anything from a health event to a bad fall, it may be most efficient for the worker closest to them to investigate and respond. AlertLink delivers real-time proximity-based alerts to nearby devices, including comprehensive alert details for a more efficient and informed response.

AlertLink - Blackline Safety - Electrogas

Effortless Setup

AlertLink can be activated on your existing and new G7C, and EXO devices via an over-the-air firmware update and a single click on Blackline Live. No additional software required!

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