Detcon – Wireless Gas Detection

Detcon-Site-SentinelDetcon Site Sentinel – The Most Advanced Stand Alone Gas Detection Safety System

Detcon and it’s advanced SmartWireless® Site Sentinel is a lightweight, stand-alone transportable wireless gas detection system that can be fitted with either one, or a combination of electrochemical and infrared sensors to monitor toxic gases and/or combustible hydrocarbons in heavy industrial environments.

Designed for reliability in rugged environments, each system includes a tripod, network HMI, gas detection sensor(s), and alarm warning devices.

An optional Sentinel SiteWatch provides remote access to system data via Ethernet or cellular communication. Power to the sensor assembly is supplied by a rechargeable Smart Battery Pack, disposable batteries or directly from HMI. Flexible and expandable, a Site Sentinel network can include up to 32 devices and consist of any combination of wireless and/or wired sensors, one or more HMI panels and optional solar panels. Additional sensors and/or remote alarm stations on tripods can be added as needed to assure widespread alert to site personnel.

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CXT Sensor Assemblies

The Model CXT from Detcon is a compact, low powered, 2.4GHz wireless sensor that detects for dangerous and harmful combustible and toxic gases. This environmentally bulletproof gas detector has a built-in display and is powered by either rechargeable or disposable batteries.

Network Operability

All CXT-Series gas detectors use an innovative “Self-Healing Mesh Network” topology. Standard network configuration is of the master/slave type. An optional and proprietary technology referred to as “Fault Tolerant Safety Network” is also available which guarantees that no single point of failure will interrupt communications between devices on the rest of the network, including loss of HMI.

Solar Power Options

The SmartWireless® devices by Detcon can use line or battery power. Battery power runtimes can be extended indefinitely by using one of several solar power options.

  • 1.5 W and 3 W (Class I, Division 1)
  • 5W, 10W, 20W, 30W, and 40W (Class I, Division 2)

HMI Panel

  • Up to 32 Devices, Wired or Wireless
  • NEMA4X Division 1 and Division 2 Packages Available
  • Configurable up to eight zones
  • Alarm & Fault Condition LEDs
  • Display Indicates: Field Device Location, Alarm Status,
  • Channel, Gas Reading, Battery Life & Link Signal Strength

Alarm Stations

Alarm relay options include adjustable set points and latching/non-latching relays. Alarm level 2 can be configured for acknowledge/silence via operator interface at the SmartWireless™ HMI display panel.

  • Class I, Div1 & Class I, Div2 options
  • Smart rechargeable battery packs
  • Optional solar charging panel

Battery Options

  • Class I; Division 1; Groups C, D
  • Plug-in High Energy L-ion Technology
  • Smart Rechargeable Packs (Standard & High Capacity):
  • “C” Cell Pack: compact with easy replacement cells
  • “D” Cell Pack: extended operating time, easy replacement cells

Smart Rechargeable and “D” Cell replaceable battery packs are interchangeable without any changes in electronics.

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